General FAQ

How do I track my order?

You should receive a confirmation email from NewAge Products. The email will contain a copy of your invoice/purchase and a tracking number that you can use to track the status of your order. Enter this order number on our track shipment page to find out your package(s) status.

What should I expect when receiving my delivery?

Please ensure you have received your delivery checklist in your inbox with your product tracking number and watch the order and delivery videos of what to expect with your NewAge Products delivery.

    1. What to expect for your delivery
    2. Unboxing Garage Cabinetry
    3. Unboxing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry
    4. Unboxing Home Bar Cabinetry

Garage Cabinetry

Are we able to alter configuration of the cabinets from the picture?

Yes, however be aware that depending on the configuration that you would like to complete you may need to purchase extra brackets to support the work top.

The tool drawer is locked and the key is inside?

The lock can be disengaged by turning the cabinet upside down, however if the tool drawer does not disengage please contact customer support.

The cabinets are stuck inside the locker, how do I get them out?

You can easily remove the doors by following step by step instructions that are located in the manual.

What can I clean the Stainless Steel with?

To clean the cabinets you can use a soft cloth with soap and water.

Are the doors adjustable?

The Performance Plus has a 6 way adjustable European hinge. All other cabinets (Pro, Bold, Performance Series) do not have adjustable hinges

Can I purchase more locker, wall cabinet or base cabinet shelves?

Additional shelves for any of our garage cabinets can be found in the Garage Solutions section under accessories.

Am I able to substitute cabinets?

They do come as a bundle package and are not able to be substituted. You may purchase additional cabinets from certain online retailers.

My lock on the cabinet is too short?

A shelf needs to be placed centrally in the cabinet so when the lock is engaged, the latch hooks to the bottom lip of the shelf.

I have lost my key for the tool cabinet or it is locked and cannot open it?

Please call our customer service team and they will send a replacement key for the unit. Replacement Form

Is it possible to have all the locks the same?

The tool base lock has a different key mechanism than the other units, the key will always be different than the other cabinets

Upon delivery I am missing cabinets?

There are two answers for this, 1) the cabinets are nested inside the locker for shipping, 2) the cabinets may be shipping from two locations.

The doors/drawers do not close properly?

The cabinets must be leveled and squared, please ensure this by adjusted the levels on the feet and adjust the hinges if possible.

Overhead Racks (Versarac Ceiling Racks)

Can the 4’ x 8’ Versarac be adjusted in size to a 4’ x 4’?

The Overhead Rack (Versarac) can be adjusted to only 4×6 and 4×8. This cannot be staggered.

Can I install this product parallel to the beam?

Our recommendation is to contact a local contractor.

What are the adjustment sizes?

The heights are as follows: 1-inch to 18-inches or 27-inches to 42-inches.

The instructions show 3 holes in the ceiling mount but they have 4 holes?

You are able to mount the upright vertical post as long as it is the middle of the bolts.

Versaroll Flooring

What sizes do the rolls come in?

In Canada
  • 8’W x 20’D x 2.2mm thick
  • 7.5’W x 17’D x 1.8mm thick        
In the U.S
  • 8’W x 20’D x 2.2mm thick

Does this product stain?

The Roll Floor is NOT stain-proof. If chemical spills, rubber tire marks, rust marks or other fluids are left on the floor for a prolonged period of time, they may cause permanent stains. Do NOT use harsh chemicals to clean the floor, this may cause discoloration.

Can I put the product side by side?

Please visit our web page for details.

When I received the floor and tried to lay it flat the edges roll up?

Unpack and install product as soon as possible after you’ve received it. The roll is wound tightly during transportation and it will unroll and flatten easier if it is unrolled out of its packaging immediately after purchase. Initially, the roll floor will have small bubbles, ripples or curl marks in the floor. In colder climates, it may take 2-4 days for most curls or ripples in the floor to flatten out. To make the roll floor lay flat, use a large push broom to flatten out air trapped under the roll. Start pushing at the center of the roll and work your way out to the ends for best results. These curls and bumps are normal, as the floor was wound tightly during shipping, and will need a few days to relax and conform to your floor. If you need to park on the floor immediately, you can do so after unrolling the floor, and do not have to wait until all of the curls or ripples have flattened out.

Can the floor be glued down?

The roll floor may be glued down, however this will void your warranty as NewAge Products does not recommend it.

Can I use this product outside?

Versaroll is designed for indoor use only.


How much weight does your Workbench hold?

Workbench weight capacity is 2,000 Lbs.

Can I use the iPad/Tablet stand for other electronics?

Yes, you can use the stand for other devices.

Is garage the only appropriate place for a workbench?

Workbenches can be used in any rooms that require a functional work surface.

How long does it take to assemble you Workbench?

On average, it takes about 40 minutes to assemble our Workbench.  

Outdoor Kitchen

What maintenance is required?

If you live in a coastal area or will have the cabinet next to a chlorine pool, washing your cabinets with fresh water and a mild detergent every two weeks will keep the cabinets from weathering. Outside of coastal areas, cleaning the cabinets every three months will suffice. For terms of warranty, please visit

Will these cabinets support heavy countertops like granite or concrete tops?


How do these cabinets weather? Are they really weather-proof?

NewAge Products Outdoor Kitchen cabinets are designed with a front overlap seal to protect against rain. The doors and drawers close to a 2mm gap to prevent leaves and snow from getting inside.

What kind of grill should I use?

The Insert Grill Cabinets fits most 28″ to 40″ insert grills, as we offer two sizes in our Insert Grill Cabinets; 33" and 40"

Are these cabinets easy to install?

They are very easy to install. The fully assembled cabinets come packaged on a pallet to your home. Once you remove the packaging, all you need to do is attach the feet, place it where you want it, bolt the cabinets together, and place the tops on.

How are these cabinets shipped?

The cabinets are shipped via local delivery carrier. Once you place your order with your home improvement dealer or through NewAge Products directly you will receive details regarding your order, including a shipping tracking number. To track your shipment, please visit

Home Bar

Can I customize Home Bar cabinetry to meet my unique needs?

Your NewAge Products Home Bar cabinets are fully finished with 24″ and 16″ depths. The fully assembled modular cabinets can be arranged to suit your needs. At this time, only white shaker doors are available.

How long is the warranty?

The current warranty is a Manufacturer One Year Limited Warranty which begins on the initial date of purchase. Valid for the original homeowner only.

How can I get replacement hinges, drawer slides, etc.?

Please contact the retailer you purchased from, or contact NewAge Products for assistance with ordering replacement parts for your cabinetry.

How do I install my cabinets?

Please view our cabinet installation tutorial video.

How do I know that I am getting good value?

We encourage you to shop around and compare prices, quality, product warranty, and customer service with other cabinet manufacturers. We are confident you will discover that our products are of high quality and at a price that is difficult to beat. We offer top-notch customer service and One Year warranty which is among the best in North America.