Product Includes

84 in. W x 0.75 in. D x 24.5 in. H
  • 84 Inch Pro Series Diamond Plate Slatwall Backsplash



About Your Product

Upgrade your premium cabinet set with the Pro Series Slatwall Backsplash, for a unique look and added utility. High-strength, durable steel panels outperform lightweight plastic PVC alternatives. Hold our Slatwall Backsplash in your hands, and you’ll understand the difference that quality materials can make. Custom-fit to our Pro Series cabinet systems, the Slatwall Backsplash fits snugly between your worktop and wall cabinets. The 56 in. width spans 2 Pro Series floor cabinets perfectly, and the 84 in. width spans 3 Pro Series floor cabinets. Designed with hidden fasteners and a magnetic top finishing strip for a simple install and seamless look, adding our Slatwall Backsplash to your workspace is the quickest way to add visual impact to your space. The powder coat paint finish protects from rust and stains and is easy to keep clean, and the Diamond Plate pattern adds an impressive texture, tailored to those who want the best looking garage on the block. Add more functionality and style to your worksplace with the Pro Series Slatwall Backsplash.